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"Get to Know Me" Tag Game

I've made a couple of ask games and people seem to like them, so I wanted to see if I could get tag games started here. I'm keeping the number of people tagged small, so as to reflect the relative size of the platform. I'm filling this out to get the ball rolling.

RULES: Copy the rules and prompts into a new post. Fill out the prompts and tag four people. (To tag a person, simply write @ followed by the person's URL/handle; the link should generate when you post.) If you don't want to fill out a prompt, leave it blank or use the strikethrough option, so the people you tag can see the full list of original prompts. Please link to the post of the person who tagged you.

  • Name/nickname: Erik; my little brother calls me "Erk" (pronounced "irk) and my family all calls each other "frick" as a shared nickname/term of endearment
  • Meaning of your name/nickname/URL (what you're most comfortable with sharing): Erik means "eternal ruler," I think
  • Zodiac sign: Leo
  • Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff!
  • Height: 5'4/~160cm
  • The thing you like best about yourself: I like how loyal I am
  • The first thing people notice about you: Probably that I'm a man who is very short, but I'm not 100% sure
  • Last song you listened to: Rabenballade by dArtagnan
  • Last book/article/fanfic you read: Finished, Coin Tricks by Willow Scarlett; started but not yet completed, Fourth Point of Contact by A.J. Sherwood
  • Last video/film/show you watched: Just watched the new Good Omens show and loved it
  • Last thing you were out the house for: I went to the grocery store to buy drinks and snacks for my family, as they're arriving soon, and put some mail in the post box on the way
  • First three songs that come up when you shuffle your music player: Cover Me Up by Zac Brown Band, Hossa Hossa by AmabAdamA (FLASHING IMAGES!!!!), Origo by Pápai Joci
  • A piece of literature/film that represents you: Uhhh, I know I'm the one who wrote this but I'm blanking a little bit; I read a lot of romance novels/books with relationships as a prominent theme, so I'm gonna go with Honeymoon for One by Keira Andrews; it's a romance between two men, one of whom I would label demi (like me) and the romance is just so slow and soft and kind and is something I want some day, and the guys have a family they really care about and spend time with, which is incredibly important to me, and one of the men is an immigrant to his partner's home country and I love the thought of living outside of the country I was born; also, less important, but there's an age gap and, since hitting my twenties, I tend to find older men more attractive (y'all can judge me if you want)
  • The thing(s) you never leave the house without: Phone, wallet, house keys, and a bag of some kind
  • Languages you speak: English and German
  • Instruments you play(ed): Used to play tuba and trombone but don't anymore
  • How you motivate yourself: If I don't want to do something, I set up times for when I can take breaks to do something more enjoyable, so I can look forward to something while slogging through the shitty task
  • Where you'd like to visit if you could go anywhere: Nuremberg (where my dad was born), also I'd like to travel around Norway and Sweden (where my grandparents/great-grandparents were born)
  • The things hanging on your wall in your bedroom: Fairy-themed calendar, pictures of family, a letter my sister wrote me (she made the card herself), postcards from people, addresses that I need to remember, a Thor's hammer, a "Y'all means All" button (clipped to the chain of the Thor's hammer), and a metal outline of Minnesota with "Love" written inside
  • Thoughts on the existence of ghosts: Not sure exactly, but I feel that it's definitely possible
  • Longest you've had your hair: Brushing my tailbone
  • Something on your to-do list: I need to meet with my advisor about doing my Master's degree at the Leibniz Universität.
  • Random fact about you: I love making lists (as you can maybe tell by the ask memes, tag games, and book recommendations); I love it so much that I'll sometimes make a list and rewrite the list to get the enjoyment of making the list a second time (and never look at the list again)
  • A fictional world you'd like to live in: Maybe Prarownt, maybe the Hexworld universe??? I'm really not sure. I don't know how equipped I am to deal with societal problems in another world.
  • What you do when you're upset: Usually I just try to distract myself by having as much stimulation as possible, which tends to mean a video playing while scrolling through social media; sometimes I'll read; sometimes I'll call someone to vent if I just can't stand sitting in my emotions
  • Piece of jewelry and/or clothing you (almost) always wear: I used to always wear a Thor's hammer (I have a whole collection), but I worry now about Norse Pagan symbols being associated with white supremacists, so I wear them less

I'm tagging @nagahissteria @abbyarchive @archfey @blue-eyed-bookworm

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