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Mermay Day 30 - Autumn

im halfway done with day 31 and then im free

also hi sorry ive been dead these past few days, i was in stuttgart doing stuff

asmo -


OC spring art trade thing i did on twitter! I got Crow, who belongs to thatgeekyartis1

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Mircea Suciu (Romanian, b. 1978), Stargazing, 2019. Oil, acrylic and monoprint on linen, 65.4 x 60.4 cm.

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iceland, november 2015

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not sure if i like this one but figured i'd post i anyway cause people here are nice x

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by Иван Турухано

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yenarae is the kingdom of hosceau's master entertainer, spending his days performing captivating melodies for the king's guests on his harp. as a dreamscribe, his music is said to guarantee all who listen pleasant dreams and safety from bad omens 🌷🎶

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iceland, november 2015

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When my grandma gave me my grandpa's old film camera, there was still an old roll of film in there so I got it developed with the rest of my film a few months ago and these were the only pictures on there. It's nice to have that small piece of him that he had probably already forgotten about since the film expired over a decade ago

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iceland, november 2015

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Still, we are going.

D&D - Tengu Rogue

Drawing of my SO's D&D character

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mermay day 1+2

big papa syd + baby lucrece

in my au the merfolk differ in size depending on their "other half," so you get Absolute Units like orcas and smol bois like uh most fish

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And the silver Crows, to go with the other two!

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look at this bab on alien plaan, he gonna get his face shaved off by thar dust storm ^-^