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My sister is going to college and starting her first year on Tuesday. I know it’s like exactly the same as me going to school and her being at home, but it feels so different for her to be at school and me at home. I guess I just knew I could visit her at any time (along with the rest of my family) and now she’ll be far away and I’ll only get to see her when she visits.

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that is The best lightswitch in existence

where did u get it

I think I got it on Amazon?? I saw it at a store and didn't buy it but then I decided I wanted it later. It looks like you can buy it elsewhere, like on Etsy, too, if you don't want to buy it from them. (I found it under "David light switch")

Let's go on an adventure ๐ŸŒณ๐Ÿƒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฟ

Please look at my new lightswitch.

(I had to take it from above to reduce the glare, which is why it looks so out of proportion.)

Can I just... give my androgyny to someone else because I don’t want it

It’s my first day back at my retail job and it’s so funny to me that people’s response to me saying, “Just let me know if I’m in your way!” is always, “Oh, no! I just need to get in front of you,” and it’s just like, that means I’m in your way but maybe that seems too rude for you to say outright

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Sunset through the trees

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lime -


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finally someone is giving us the cards we deserve with the puns that are our birthright (1, 2)

My grandma laughed at my cheesecake... Apparently, it wasn't very impressive.

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who cares what it looks like? the power is in the taste ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‹

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She was laughing at the taste. orz

My grandma laughed at my cheesecake... Apparently, it wasn't very impressive.

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Rotten Business

Anyone for some,,,,, moss?

I’m completely reliant on my anti-psychotics to sleep and my anxiety makes me dread the day (that may never come) when I try to go off my medications and just. can no longer sleep. Like, I don’t even really feel tiredness naturally anymore. I take my meds and an hour later I’m asleep. If I forget my meds, I don’t sleep and I’ve gone 36+ hours before without taking my meds and I didn’t even feel it. My meds are necessary but what if the day comes when they aren’t??? Or if I need to change meds for some reason???

Cheesecake is truly the worst because you spend all evening making it just to have to put it in the fridge and go to bed in agony, craving your cheesecake that has to set for eight hours

Realizing that I'm ace has made a lot of my media preferences make more sense. Like, for example, I love romance novels, but I also hate when romance novels have sex scenes (which is kind of a genre staple)?? Like, I feel like I'm enjoying a story about an emotional connection being formed or a preexisting bond changing (and sometimes an external plot, which I always love) and then suddenly everything has to stop for the characters to have sex???? For no reason??? And it took me so long to realize that the sex scenes were supposed to be adding to the creation of a strong relationship and that I just... didn't get it. I adore the platonic and romantic aspects of romances but the sex parts make me so fucking bored and I'm always trying to get through them as quickly as possible.

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Illustration commission for a private client.

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AngelTea / Nine


Some art nouveau lads.

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Why on Earth is your mascot an ear of corn???

It started out as a derisive nickname by another (now closed) college in the area and was a thing that began when the college was founded in 1891! My college was in the countryside (surrounded by corn) and was founded/attended by Norwegians, where the other college was in the city and was founded/attended by Swedes, and there was a lot of rivalry between the two schools. The students at the other college would call those at mine "corncobs." It was eventually adopted as the mascot in 1928 and it's really beloved now. There are annual alumni gatherings where people go and just eat corn and talk.

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Me: Do you need anything from Target?

My mom: Can you get me corn from [other store]?

Me: That is... not what I asked.

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I walked into the store and realized I was wearing one of my college t-shirts that has an anthropomorphic corn cob (our mascot) on it and I felt a feeling of shame at walking up to the counter carrying a bag full of corn as my shirt proclaimed, “Fear the ear!”